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In our prayers...

 Julie Riecken, Steve White, Kathy Nueman, Dale and Dorothy Johnson, Todd Kaiser, LeRoy Novotny, Stephanie Leonard, Deloris Smith, Orv Johnson, Karen Kennedy, Cindy Gerdts, Jennifer Jonas, Joni Duerksen, Bill Pearson, Mary Gillespie, Angela Vculek, Emersyn Arterburn, LeLand Nygren, Sam Winchell, Jack Duin, Mary Hohn, Loretta Kacere, Deb Banks, Rob Miller, Chuck Lacey, Mary Peterson, Tucker Ingram, Amy Tejral, Denny Kallenbach, Derrek Kreitzer, Delta Kovar, Dennis Bellows, Karen Temme, Brent Rickenbach, Carol Ann Clark, Jane Burke, Wayne Swanson, Niccole Kennec, Kathy Becker, Maggie Prochaska, Kay Johnson and the family and friends of Mike Kacere and Sue Robbins, Danielle Lausterer's aunt.
Our Members at the Care Centers:
SMC Care Center: Sam Winchell
South Haven:  Mike and Loretta Kacere
David’s Place: Deloris Smith
Saunders House: Elsie Vetter
Oxbow Living Center: Don Bartek
Our Members Actively Serving in the Military:
Laura Barry – Air Force
Braedenn Olson – Air Force
Jordan Thorson – Air Force
Curt Koehler – National Guard
J.B. Kenning – Air National Guard Air Force
Tucker Hancock – Navy
Carson Reynolds – Air Force National Guard