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In our prayers...

 Julie Riecken, Kathy Nueman, Todd Kaiser, LeRoy Novotny, Stephanie Leonard, Rob Miller, Tucker Ingram, Denny Kallenbach, Maggie Prochaska, Kay Johnson, Don Bern, Darren Biggerstaff, Phyllis Olson, Reva Vandevoorde, Craig Gottschalk, Tammy Meduna, David Pauli, Ruth Remmereid, Elaine Gonnerman, Chuch Jasa, Patrick Musilek, Ken Gaughen, Joey Pacheco, Mary Jo Hofts, Vicki Beto, Lisa Jensen, Viola Bradshaw, Deann Chmelka, Raegan Thompson, Chesney Larsen, Don Fick and the family and friends of Elaine Hennings and Dione Nelson.


Our Members at the Care Centers:
Genoa Care Facility: Rob Miller
David’s Place: Deloris Smith


Our Members Actively Serving in the Military:
Laura Barry – Air Force
Braedenn Olson – Air Force
Curt Koehler – National Guard
J.B. Kenning – Air Force National Guard
Tucker Hancock – Navy
Carson Reynolds – Air Force National Guard
Jack Mortensen – United States Army
Jerstan Zeleny – Air Force National Guard